Santorini Iconic Tour



Oia is one of the most famous village of Santorini. It is known one of the most photographed locations in the island ,it has become the symbol of Greece from most known travel brochures, movie shootings, and romantic wedding photographs.

The beauty of Oia village is a combination of narrow streets and blue domed churches that are build on the cliff that surround the beautiful bay formed by the volcanic caldera. Most visitors come hear to admire the unique architecture, cave houses, captain’s houses, and the breathtaking sunsets. In this place you can find the most famous for its chic and expensive restaurants, arts and crafts for sale. Its being visit by all the famous and important personalities of the whole world.


A picturesque village near to the capital of the island Fira, which makes

it a wonderful stop for memorable pictures at the famous blue domed church.


The monastery of Profit Ilias (Prophet Elias) was founded at the beginning of the 18th century, at the crest of the Prophet Elias Mountain its the highest point of the island at 600 meters above sea offers a unique panoramic view.


The Red beach is one the most famous and beautiful beaches of world, the beach is volcanic red sand beach, you can stand at the top of the cliffs to get a look at how beautiful it is and capture the majesty from the best possible vantange point.

This breathtaking beach is located only some steps away from the ancient site of Akrotiri .


Taste a large variety of wines, a unique chance for every Wine lover to visit some of the best wineries of the island and taste incomparable Santorinian wine, as well many traditional products.